Back in September the THST asked for questions to be put to the Club for their Board to Board meeting in October. This was ‘postponed’ but the club have finally provided the answers.
The following extract is the Questions (with answers) I put forward. They don’t appear to have answered my question as to when the Paxton House/Square Construction would start.

Link to the full Q and A:-


Will the public realm of the new stadium have its final finish or just black tarmac finish?
The area to the south of the stadium will have a paved finish

Will there be a flying spider cam in the new stadium?
Yes – The stadium will have the infrastructure to support “spider cam” should the host broadcasters wish to use one.

Will there be a Halo Flooding System or an alternative of ultra HD live broadcasting?
LED floodlighting system will be installed and all AV facilities will be UHD compatible

Will there be one-off game hospitality packages available at NWHL?
Yes, where availability exists

Could the club provide update with photos from time to time of the Spurs Lodge construction and the Eco Educational facility at Whitewebbs Lane? Fans are interested in these as well.
Updates are issued as these progress – we shall look to do more as they take shape.

I also asked about the Spurs Ladies :-

Could the board brief the trust on its relationship with the ladies team and what its plans are for its ladies team
Promoted to WSL2 for this season – Club currently provides Spurs Ladies with direct and indirect support across the board on costs, marketing, ticketing, promotion, access to training facilities etc. Spurs Ladies continue to grow organically – crowds increased by huge numbers so far this season.



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