A Bad Day at the Office

Well this isn’t going take very long at all, in fact I am still so very down about it. This was very much and nonperformance by Spurs who started the strongest team they possibly could on this tour. I just feel for the thousands of American supporters that turned up to watch this and Tennessee Spurs did us proud, as indeed did all the other supporters groups that were in attendance, in fact I understand that there were 64 supporters group from America represented at the match. Very well done you all.  The top header image is Ledders addressing the hoards of Spurs fans in the Wild Horse Saloon.

If you want a kick by kick all action report with bells and whistles then I suggest you go to Paul Smiths excellent Spurs Odyssey site for his match Report  It’s a painful but as always a good read.

Some of my pre-game fears were quickly realised and that is playing in a very open style against fast quick, passing, attacking teams in which we play a high line with a press for which our natural game is just not suitable. We had problems last season against such teams as Liverpool, City again and yes even West Ham too we found it far too difficult. God forgive me but I have to write that Mourinho knows that sometimes you have to change tactics in certain cases when it is suitable for your team to do so.  He parks the bus when necessary.

Kompany doing what comes naturally

Spurs started with what looked to be a weakish 4:3:3 system. Poch changed it at half-time to a back three and then eventually went to a regulation 4231 by the end of the game. None of it did any good at all as a city dominated in all areas of the pitch for all of the game. They were much too quick for us in every which way. When we managed to press them they just kicked the ball over the top of our high line for a quick runner to run onto And boy oh boy they were quick. When Spurs were pressed they tried to play their way out of defence under pressure often being caught with the ball or making bad passes that didn’t reach their man. Didn’t really hear much mention of Trippier and Davies on the TV commentary throughout the game whereas Walker was always involved in the match, of course Walker just had to be playing against us – he had a good game. Having said that Trips did three times make it to the halfway line and maybe just beyond but didn’t have anything free so he just kick the ball away more or less into space.  It was so far ahead of any Spurs player they didn’t even bother to chase.

After 10 minutes Spurs gave away a needless freekick in a dangerous area,   De Bruyne took the freekick which was deflected I think off the head of Davies and then onto John Stones, in space in the centre of the goal and he put it back into the back of the net. (1-0)

Vincent company I noticed basically just fouled his way through the game many a time just barging into Spurs players and grabbing them from behind. He had a go at Dele on a few occasions as did Otamendi and I think they tried to gang up and goad The young man.

Janssen came on in the 71st minute and towards the end of the game he produced a great piece of skill by flicking the ball over Otomendi’s head and also beating the goalkeeper Muric at the same time, unfortunately the ball just would not drop out of the sky quick enough and the goalie got back to paw the ball away – almost a worldy.

Janssen – almost a worldy but pawed away by Muric

How we kept it down to one nil at halftime I will never know it could already have been five or six by then. Eventually on a break from defence from a Nasri pass, Stirling broke clear and easily beat Vorm all ends up. Diaz made it three nil in injury time and in all honesty it could and probably should have been seven or eight and Spurs couldn’t have complained about that.  At one point it was like shooting practicec and I’m sure they had a competition to see who could hit the bar the most.  Five a side in the Spurs penalty box! One to forget and erase from the memory.

A bad day at the office all round

Sam  #COYS  4 Aug 17

You should also visit Anna and watch her match review Vlog on the match on YouTube Spurs{XY}


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