Here is a post by EJG on SSC:-
Martin Bell btw is not the man in the white suit but the well known environmental protestor in N17 and is agin the whole NDP project (and other developments in the area)


Martin Ball tweeted a photo of a letter sent to local residents by Mace earlier this week, mentioning that roads will have to be closed for the deconstruction phase of the project (and specifically mentions needing to close Park Lane for demolition of the existing South Stand). The letter doesn’t mention any dates, but if they’re sending this out now it looks like the demo of the existing stadium should be on track.


My comment (2+2=5)


I doubt if such a letter would be distributed to local residents if Spurs were not de-camping to Wembley this year.
The club haven’t announced anything officially but there would be no point in the letter unless they are giving 15 months notice of road closures!!!

Also there is the recent ‘Memory Lane’ post on the official site as well……….

Just my take on things




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