A Year in the Life of the NDP

I was taken by this interesting post on the Sky Scraper City site by THFC_Dan, and he agreed that I can spread it around the internet. The main text is by Dan and the Note/comments are my own.

This aerial shot of the site was taken by MPAS on 5th March 2016, almost a year ago to the day, and showed the very early stage of concrete being poured to the north stand footings. However, at this point, Cores 1, 2, 5 and indeed 6 (overlapping the NE corner of WHL) hadn’t even been excavated yet, let alone started construction. It’s also noticeable that there wasn’t even a single tower crane in place, and that the bondaries of the site were defines by raw sheet pile: (Note, this is the start of the basement and not the ground floor, which makes it all so much more impressive).

We fast forward not even a year later, 24th February 2017 and the progress has been remarkable. Of course, what isn’t apparent in this pic is the vertical assent of NWHL; how it now stands on a par height wise with WHL, and is now flexing itself even higher to the north as the steel top tier takes shape. I honestly think to have got this far in under 12mths is astonishing. The pace continues as well. I see that barely has the floor been poured to the right of TL2, before they’re already building up the scaffold for the floor above it: (Note, once again don’t forget the basement, which of course is all hidden in this photo).


It will not surprise me if this build ends up winning many awards. It really is beginning to look like an exemplar in planning and engineering
Just thinking forward, the same scene in a further 12mths will be even more dramatic. March 2018, 4mths prior to test events. On the outside, I think the stadium should look materially ‘finished’ – at least structurally. The roof should be on, albeit probably still finishing off. I doubt the large scaffold birdcage would still be in place, as attention would need to turn to preparing the pitch area.

But of course, the biggest change will be WHL completely levelled as will be the surrounding environs. The site will be shiny to the south with Lillywhite House and NWHL standing tall, but levelled to the ground to the north. It’ll be interesting to see whether the club prepares the foundations for Phase 3 while it demolishes WHL and builds-up the south stand. They could just leave it.

(Note:- mustn’t forget that the Tottenham Experience and the first part of the Northern Terrace project at the new Paxton Square housing Paxton House will also be well on their way to completion. Going to be fun and games over the next 12 months)

And (from me) just a wee teaser of the finished product




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