Spurs U23 PL2 team supplied an Echo of Glory in their match away to Manchester City tonight (13 Jan 17) in a magnificent come back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 and ending on top in the game.

The game was broadcast live on the Man City Facebook Page but I didn’t know this until late on. Only saw the game from the last 15 mins of the first half and my notes on that period to half time are:-

A good game of some quality. Spurs working the ball nicely and having chances. Hit post too. Tracey looking sharp.
Citeh looking dangerous when they attack.
Typical Spurs at end of half. 45mins gone. Announcer said 1min added, Spurs in possession, visibly relaxed. Lazy ball along line to wide player, who slowed to wait for the ball to arrive. Citeh RB? Came storming in and launched attack at speed at Spurs goal with other Citeh players bombing forward and Spurs turning tail. A few nice passes later and Glover made a good save getting down at his post!
Harrison had a couple of weak shots at goal lacking power and accuracy from outside the box. Amos, running the midfield from the 15mins I have watched. HT 0-0


Second Half (took a few iPad screen shots)

Missed the first 10+ mins of 2nd half. The broadcast had finished at HT and I stayed on the same page with test card showing expecting it to re-start automatically but it didn’t. Had to come out of FB and then search the page again.

When I did Citeh were 1 up and rampant, running Spurs ragged. Commentator (fair in comments) said it could have been 3 or 4’already. Spurs couldn’t get out of their own 18yd box let alone their half. Nice play with n the right produced a rasping shot by Fernandez, but Glover saved nicely. Cleared the ball, Citeh got it back and more or less the same build-up as before, found Fernandez in more or less the spot as about 8 seconds before and this time a rasping shot to the far post beat Glover (and any GK!) all ends up. 2-0 not looking good.


Play continued that way for another 5 or so mins with Vitrh looking as if they could score at will. Bad pass by Spurs, bad header by Spurs, poor clearance by Spurs, bad tackle by Spurs, if there was a 50/50 ball it was Citeh who won it….. you get the drift. Thought this was going to be a 7 nil drubbing or worse and could see why Spurs are 2nd bottom. But it didn’t get worse, Spurs held on and kept playing their football and the tide slowly turned. Spurs made two subs bringing on Muscat and Stylinides, and suddenly it was a rip tide. Spurs kept going forward with smooth passing plays, missed a few one on ones with their goalie Gunn, or rather he made the saves. Citeh still carried a threat, with two super players up front in Fernandez and a chap who’s name I don’t know how to spell. Glover made the odd regulation save but Gunn was the busier keeper because of Spurs slick play.


Oduwa connected nicely from a cross into the box (KWP?) and directed a nicely placed pass beyond Gunn into the net 2-1 and Spurs deserved the goal. Citeh had quality and their threat on the break was evident as Spurs pressed for an equaliser. Glover again doing well, but Gunn made a brilliant double save among others. Commentator was enthusing about a Spurs now and play was end to end. 85 min mark he said the TV viewers had awarded the MoM to Gunn. Admitted Spurs had shaded first half but could have been down 6-0 by the 60th min, yet now at 2-1 Gunn was a deserved MoM. It was that sort of match. However no sooner had he said that than the ball came in from our left evaded Oduwa a defender & goalie Gunn, found its way to Tracey and from 6 inches it was 2-2 and well deserved. Citeh appealed for off-side but I think Shilow was level with the defender. The Lino had a good uninterrupted view.


A Spurs defender made a hash of a high ball from Citeh about 35yds out but ball was retained somehow and Spurs went for a third. Five  minutes added time, and it was all Citeh going for it, with some excellent play. Was a very longgggg 5 mins during which the clock on the screen just kept on 90mins. I was watching the game on iPad while washing up, had just finished and made a cup of tea for me and wifey, but the game just wouldn’t end, and the cuppa was getting cold as I didn’t want to miss anything while delivering to said wifey. A number of times the commentator said the ref must blow soon but he didn’t, wifey’ tea was getting colder, and the dog house for me was calling!  However, Spurs regained control and last two minutes was all Spurs again and they too created two or three chances in that time. I was breathless just watching on FB. Final score 2-2, could have been anything to either team. All kudos to our youngsters, never gave up and possibly even deserved a win in the end Phew!  Although the lads failed to win there was an Echo of Glory in their attempt  to win, and to do it playing proper football too.  Did us proud.  Well done them.  Stopped  Citeh from topping the table as well.

Warmed our tea in microwave, gave it too wifey, ‘ooh, this is a bit stewed’ she said!   Bloody wimmin!



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