I dont like the Throstles, well to be more specific, I don’t like Tony Pulis and his team’s, and I don’t like James McClean either. I don’t like how they scraped a couple of draws against us last year when we were clearly the better team. Strength and brawn and a dollop of luck and crash bang wallop they turn us over. McClean does possess more than a modicum of skill and speed but he also possesses more than a touch of the Charlie Adam about him capable of leaving a studded boot in a bit too long. How he doesn’t get sent off and booked more than he does I don’t know. Raking studs down shins and Achilles heels must be legal these days. If Trippier is selected ahead if walker today, I think McClean will over-power and physically dominate Trips. From 2012/13 season we have only beaten The Throstles twice, both away from home. Mind you we have only lost the once and that was at home. The rest being draws. Not a great record. Rondon and Fletcher are supposedly concerns for the Albion, but Pulis is a master at fitness deception. Grrrr!

For Spurs Kane and Dembele are still out but with seven games in 23 days and away to Leverkusen on Tuesady I’m expecting lots of rotation. Sonny and Lamela have a lot of travelling to do too. I will be expecting Janssen to play up front for that reason alone. Will Poch stay with a 4:1:4:1 formation or return to 4:2:3:1 is anyone’s guess but will also have a bearing on the team selection I suppose. If Rose is rested, then it could well be a Davies/Trippier combo at FB and I fear for Trips against McClean. Will Dier regain his place with Wanyama rested for Germany. Winks may well get the nod ahead of Onomah (guessing here) and I am expecting Sissoko to play with Lamela on the bench. Dele to make the fourth behind Janssen if a 4:1:4:1 formation. We will soon find out. Oh, btw, Dele scored a cracker up there last season. Here’s hoping for a repeat.


I also don’t like the international break especially when Spurs are on a run and have momentum.
Now we have to ‘start’ again. If we played Albion right after the Citeh game I’d comfortably predict a 2-0 victory for the mighty Spurs, however there is a lot of imponderables, but as Spurs are no longer supposed to be Spursy I’ll stick with that and put a £1 bet on SkyBet. But just incase think I may just stick another £1 on a 1-1 draw. Wouldn’t be too surprised with either result.

For a full bells and whistle and proper job pre-view go to:

previous results Vrs Albion via 11v11




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