Well, the CL draw will do for me. I want to progress and we now have every chance of doing so.
It is a good draw in that there are no outstanding clubs/teams in the group so, yes, we do stand a good chance of going through. Yay!

it is a bad draw for many in that there are no historical outstanding clubs/team for us to enjoy first hand, and Monaco yet again! Well, get through the group stage and the Madrid’s, the Barca’s, the Bayern’s and their like should still be there to fill out Wembley.
Some fellow Yids are complaining there is no where exciting to go. Well, isn’t Monaco/Nice exotic enough for you?

It’s a good draw in as much as our away trip to Moscow is in late September & not deep winter – don’t fancy their fans though, so those travelling there please take as much care as you can.
Perhaps it may turn out to be a bad draw for the club as it will be a bit more difficult to fill Wembley without a glamour. Suspect they will now hope for the glamor tie after the group stage. Over to you Poch, no weak teams until we are through the group stages.

Poor Celtic, look at the group they have, most likely the whipping Bhoys again but for sure, their place will be rocking.for all three matches at Park Head, or is it Celtic Park now?

I don’t know about you, but I’m just excited to be in the competition no matter who we play. There are plenty who wish to be in our shoes. Certainly will be a few envious glances emanating our way from the Rent Boys at the Tax Payer Stadium. I said to my Cheat$ki neighbour tonight, ‘We’ve drawn Monaco, Moscow and Leverkusen, who did you get……..Oops!’

As the lovely Georgie Turner so eloquently and succinctly put it on FB:-

“I don’t give a shit who we got in the CL our boys will smash it x were fucking in it that’s exciting enough for me coyspuuuuuuurs x ttwfd”


See you at Wembley

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