Well, I managed to listen to the game via the Spurs Go app. When I tried via the main site on my Samsung phone it kept coming up in Spanish. Not for the first time either. Later I managed to watch it on http://www.fullmatchesandshows.com, but only after a lengthy wait as only the Highlights were available for a time.  The beer for the day, whilst sat in my armchair – Fullers London Pride of course. Being the start of the last season at the current WHL, it was a special moment for the fans who could attend, a sort of I was there kind of moment. Here is my internet friend Rosie Spurs Girl Dhanoa (@SpursGirl8) taking her place in the stand pre-match and appreciating the said moment.

My friend Rosie

A nice little three points earned but our goal took some time in coming, but a nice goal it was when it came. Super little header by the HurriKane, finished by our new boy Wanyama. Janssen was on hand too. Both these guys endeared themselves to their new home crowd with good all action displays allayed to a lot of skill. Once again Victor was paired with Dier in central midfield, so that is two DCMs at home to Palace. Wonder what will happen when Mousa is available – maybe a three way rotation system from match to match! Nice to see two up top. Certainly made a difference to our play, to our threat, and to Harry. I’ve mentioned this on-line a few times, but Harry is best playing deeper in the old inside left role, and it certainly showed in Saturday. All the boys played well, but I did agree with the substitution of Eriksen. He has some sublime individual skills, but for me he tends to disappear too often and lacks dynamism.

Wanyama  in the act of scoring

After the first five or so minutes Spurs got into their rhythm and dominated the game. Palace had the odd flurry but Spurs had the momentum. Nevertheless, our play up to the forwards did lack a degree of fluidity and was somewhat disjointed until late in the game. I’m putting that down to playing two DCM. Scoreless at half time.

In the second half Palace, with the introduction of Cabaye, came forward more often and tried to take the game to Spurs, but Vorm wasn’t really troubled, and Spurs were the team trying to play the slick silky football, built up a head of steam and threatened more. Dele for Eriksen made a difference as additional pace and dynamism was added to our play. His first touch sent Janssen away and he should really have scored. Here’s hoping the Soldado curse isn’t being resurrected! I doubt it though, his goals will come. We even managed about 11+ corners, and Lo and behold I can’t remember a bad one. Our goal came from a corner on our left. Nice out-swinger by Lamella, a salmon leap impression by Kane and Victor nodded in. Lovely Jubberly!

Harry leaping like a salmon

The Palace defensive rock, Delaney was injured, but he milked the situation in an attempt to run the clock limping off until he got near the sideline then he had a miracle cure. The Ref wasn’t going to allow him back on the pitch until the corner was taken so Pardew out-tricked himself by brining on a double substitution to waste another minute.  Delaney was livid, and Wanyama scored as Tomkins was ‘cold’ accoding to Pardew and  all of a sudden their goalie was rushing his goal kicks instead of taking an age.  Time wasters ha ha ha! Didn’t work ha ha ha!

Spurs easily seen out the game including the 5 mins added time – no problems 😄

Townsend played better in the second half than the first, but it was easy to see why he was let go. He was greeted well by the crowd but naturally got stick as things went wrong for him, as they often did. Lamella did a smooth nutmeg on him towards the end. Watch You Tube Video

Park Lane enjoying themselves

All in all a goodish performance that can be improved on. We will need to be on our toes when the Bin Dippers come a calling next week. They will be smarting after their 2-0 loss away to Burnley. Oh dear, and they were going to win the treble only last week – eh Wack?

Poch was pleased enough any way:-
“I was happy with the performance,” Pochettino said. “We created a lot of chances in the first half and was disappointed because we didn’t score. It was a game where there’s not much to correct at half-time. It was a good thing that the team fought to the end, never gave up and always believed it was possible to win.” (observer)

Our colonial cousins doing their bit

I am not a Pardew fan – for numerous reasons so the Victory did give me some added pleasure. Palace lacked a target man, and they have just signed Benteke for £27m – £32m to help them. Even so, “It is true, of course, that solidity plus a high-class striker can take a side a long way. The worrying aspect for Palace, though, is Pardew’s habit of leading his team into slumps from which they cannot escape. He took 1.68 points per game in his first 37 matches at Palace but is averaging 0.52 in his last 21. A sense of drift can be contagious.” (Observer)

If you want an all singing all dancing report action by action then you should read the  Spurs odyssey Match Report

Going – not yet gone 😢

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All photos pinched off the Internet as public domain or screen shots of match from my iPad

Stay safe and prosper #COYS

And before you go, I just spotted this on the inter web by net thingy, and thought I would share :-

Nice One

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