Wasn’t That Bad

Spurs managed to retrieve a draw from a losing position after a poor first Hal’s showing. A match that the Evertonians probably thought they should have won by half time but pleased they hadn’t lost by the full time whistle.
Having listened to the game on the Spurs TV Audio broadcast I came to the conclusion that we were pretty terrible. Didn’t have a clue and Everton would end up with a cricket score. At half time I tweeted that Poch needed to work his magic and bring on Janssen. He must have read my tweet because that is what he did.

I watched the match afterwards on http://www.fullmatchesandshows.com and you know summat, as poor as we were we weren’t as bad as the picture painted on the radio. We missed Mousa Dembele big time as the combo of Dier and Wanyama weren’t dynamic going forward. In fact neither of them did – at all. Usually it’s one stays back at Spurs and the other CDM went forward to support the forward players. To be the link. Only this time there was no link.
Dier would not ally drop back making a three as the fullbacks bombed forward and the CBs would mark the opposing forward. Only Everton were devoid of a proper forward. They didn’t even have a false No9.

That kinda mixed things up for Toby and Jan. No one to mark, with all the opposition either making runs from deep or running on to a long ball over the top. All of this combined really messed up our game plan and we just couldn’t get going with any flare going forward. Yes, there was a lot of rustiness too. Too much for my liking to be honest, but note this :- In spite of all this Everton only scored through a set play with one of those cross cum cross balls into the box that evaded everyone. Naturally this too altered our game plan so early in the game – meaning we had to come forward a bit earlier than anticipated. Which didn’t help. Anyway the TV pictures showed a different game to the radio imaginations.

Erik Lamella in the act of scoring


To my surprise it was Dier that came off to make way for Janssen with Dele dropping back to make the link and Harry becoming the deeper of the two strikers a la No10(ish). The change plus an increased tempo worked. Lamella striking with a glancing header from a Walker cross and Spurs then bossed the match and could maybe should have won the game. Janssen was busy, made a difference and almost scored from close range but it was difficult for him to get a proper purchase on the ball.

New boy Vincent Jannsen in a Spurs shirt

A good draw in the end, but Spurs weren’t ready for the season start in my opinion.
For a proper match report with team details and all kind if goody stats you could do worse than go to the Spurs Odyssey site at http://www.spursodyssey.com/1617/ev130816.html

Up next:- C Palace at Home.

Players saying thanks to the away support

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