And so the good ship Hotspur is all set to sail the choppy seas of the Premiership Ocean once again. Let’s hope she is an ocean going liner and has an easy voyage of destiny to many exotic destinations and not just another in-shore Tramp Steamer, holed and run aground on Dogger Bank. The Enic line has provided Capt Poch with the best of crews available to them and following two years of sea trials and tribulations, it is down to him and his officer class to navigate and steer the good ship Hotspur to a safe port come next May.

HMS Hotspur

As for me, I have had my usual padded cell, sorry room, made available in the Hotspur Home for the bewildered, which is now open. It’s nice here, and those of you you who regularly hide behind the sofa, it comes highly recommended. Plenty of vacancies for now, but tends to get get quite crowded as the season progresses. Double doses of Mogadons and Beta Blockers a regular treat.

HotspurSam – Bewildered

Good luck to the Spurs and to all my fellow Yids, Yiddos and Yidettes for the season ahead.  Safe traveling and good mental to you all.

Stay cool folks and hang on to your Hollyhocks, it’s going to be bumpy.


and so it begins…….


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