Go on give me a clue because I haven’t got one! Not a Scooby, nor an inkling not even the foggiest idea as to how Spurs will do in the forthcoming season.

I can’t see us winning the league although some on social media seem to think we will do so quite easily and by right. I need some of what they are imbibing and quickly please. I do not share their opinion. I’m more in the pessimist camp and have been for a few years with Spurs, and remain so again this season. Having said that, I’ve just put a £5 at 10/1 for Spurs to win PL on SkyBet haha! At least when I lose part of it comes back into the sport and Spurs via the Sky payments for the broadcasting rights.

I’m like the pretty girl (use your imagination) who stands in front of a mirror and can only see the blemishes and the magnified defects. I see Eriksen going quiet and disappearing in games. I see Dembele holding on to the ball too long and slowing down the play. Lamela, usually taking the difficult option. Rose not getting back in time and putting in uncontrolled tackles. I won’t go on – you get the picture. Painful isn’t it?

I notice the other girls and how pretty they are without blemish. All these expensive players being bought Willy nilly with no thought to expense. Big shiny new managers with huge reputations to take the PL by storm. Ranieri working his magic again. The new residents in the Tax Payer Arena lording it loud with a swagger.

Although it is hard to quantify the effect all these changes will have on these ‘super’ teams I’m finding it hard to see how Spurs can finish in the top 4 let alone emulate 3rd place again. With Guardiola in at City and Mourinho at United and spending confetti money surely they must be in the top 4. The Woolwich mob are ever presents under Whinger and that probably won’t change. Cheat$ki with a new man at the helm and doubtless Klippity will have Liverpool all fired up and neither team with European distraction, well what can I say – looking bleak eh! The Spammers still have Payet and with him and his free kicks they could be enjoying at least a goal a game and so their opponents will need to score two. It’s going to be tough folks. May not even make the top 6. Oh Woe is Me! So basically that’s 5th to 8th place up for grabs.

With the Newcastle shaming, and the debacle of the poor run-in to last season, it is easy to forget that we are indeed a good team that does play some lovely football and dominate teams and the ball. We too have improved with the purchase of Wanyama and just as importantly Janssen up front to help out our Harry. The big fear last year was the lack of replacement for Dier, someone who can play in the same style of dropping back to make a three when the fullbacks bomb forward. We now have that. Janssen seems handy and won’t let defence rest, will be interesting to see how he is played with the HurriKane. Let’s not forget they can’t all win every match either. They do have to play each other too!

So, given a fair wind we do have the quality to finish as high as 2nd, the other teams will, at the moment, be just as concerned of us as I am about them. Additionally, there is still three weeks of the transfer window to go and we could improve further. Poch has hinted as much.
This time last year, I predicted Spurs finishing outside the top 8, but we hadn’t signed N’Jie or Son at that time, but let’s be honest, they didn’t make the impact we hoped for. Mind you, who expected the DierWolf to be played where he was and to make such a success if it. Let’s not forget the youth coming through either. None of them looked out of place in the pre-season games – even Onomah seems to have come on. Harrison though is the one who excites me the most. Looks like a cool cookie to me.

So there you have it. As far as I’m concerned we could finish anywhere between 2nd and 8th. I really don’t have a clue!

Mind you, all I ask for each year in the league is to make a challenge and to challenge for as long as we can. The final table doesn’t lie. What I do know though is that, no matter what happens to Spurs, the Premier League is going to be exciting and intriguing as never before. Bring it on!


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