So, on the day the N’Koudou and N’Jie ‘swap’ deal breaks down so Spurs Head of Recruitment and Analysis, Paul Mitchell, and the Head of Player Identification Rob McKenzie also resign! Not a bad day at the office Mr Levy. Coincidence, linked, whatever, the press are having a field day.
According to the written press, Mitch has become frustrated in his Job at Spurs and doesn’t get on with Daniel Levy. This is being regurgitated by various elements of the press almost word for word from the original article, some are making an effort to look up a Thesaurus in a pretence of original journalism. These are the same jurno’s stating that Mitch is responsible for the arrival of Alli and Dier who had been scouted and courted long before his arrival.
Paul Mitchell

On my Twitter TL I noted comments by @KatSpur71 (from the THST) answering question(s) on this in her private capacity, more or less saying from her understanding is that Levy and Mitchell are on good terms with each other and still working closely together and there is no underlying issues here. From my point of view is that the media do love a good story. However, it does seem strange to happen at this point in the transfer window and with McKenzie leaving at the same time does add oil to the fire of speculation. We all know Leicester are looking for someone of Mitchell’s ability…………. Just saying……….! Having written that and knowing Kat and her work for the THST over the years thru social Media I am inclined to believe her understanding over speculative journalism any day of the week.
Perhaps the N’Koudou and the N’Jie debacle has something to do with this Mitchell business.
A Sports Witness article hints upon this stating that Levy was pushing the price down and putting in clauses about injuries etc, whereas Mitchell was pushing to get the deal done.

Does seem like funny timing to me that N’Koudou deal falls thru and shortly after Mitchell resign! Smoke and mirrors or smoke without fire! Anyway, you can read the article for yourself Here .

The departure of McKenzie may just be him moving on to bigger, better and higher powered job at Derby County. His leaving in the middle of a transfer window isn’t quite so strange as Head of Player Identification he will surely have completed all his identification for Spurs by now. A good time to move on if planned, but maybe unfortunate timing for him, as he may well have been in line to take over from Mitchell at Spurs if he (McKenzie) had stayed.

Rob McKenzie


  Whatever the case, Poch, I suspect, won’t be too pleased. Mitchell after all is supposed to be his mate. Is Poch even in the UK? I ask because I understand his Father in Law passed away last weekend, and I would think he would be supporting his wife back in his home land at this sad time. Not a great build-up for the first game of a new season if true.

In years gone past pre- Mitchell the Spurs scouting system was a bit of a joke within the world if scouts. Not the scouts themselves, but the piecemeal parsimony way that Levy and Spurs went about their business. However, Mitchell will have put his system in place and that will still be there and wasn’t Ian Bloomfield brought back in from the cold some while ago? So, all is not lost and we did actually scout and sign players before Mitchell and no doubt we will do so again. Could it be with all the supposed quality youngsters coming thru that we no longer have as great a need to recruit the young unknown players that Mitchell is famed for identifying. Maybe that is his frustration at Spurs. Just a thought I’m putting out there.
We now end up with a big hole hole in our recruitment department, a disaffected player in N’Jie (does he feel wanted?) and Levy with a ton of good work to do. The big unknown for us fans is if it will affect Poch and his attitude to Spurs in anyway? Fingers crossed it will have little import. Judging by their respective You Tube compilations (yes I know, don’t go on please!) I don’t think N’Koudou is much of an upgrade on N’Jie anyway.
Whatever has happened has happened, and what ever will be, will be. I doubt we fans will ever get to know the truth.


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