Turned Out Nice Again!

Well, that turned out to be a nice little romp in an Oslo Park. Maybe too easy in the end as Inter stopped trying when going 4-1 down. Still the situation did give us a chance to see some youngsters plying their trade against some grown-ups without any pressure on them. They all took their chance well and impressed.

Marcus Edwards is making the headlines at the moment for all good reasons, and yet again his little cameo underlined his undoubted skill. Now he just needs to beef-up a wee bit. At the moment I am quite liking Shayon Harrison. He has the look of an effective ‘baller’ about him. A touch of Greaves to how he passed the ball in to the net for his first (Big) Spurs goal. Cool and composed and not whacked into row Z!.

imageYoung Harrison making it 6-1 😄👍

Nice to see the HurriKane bright and sharp once more. Took his second goal quite nicely after good team link-up play. Took a smashing penalty for his and our first too, but that was never a penalty in the first place. I’ll take them all day though, or rather Harry will, I hope!

Very much like the look of Janssen when he came on at the start of the 2nd half. A busy muscular player who is going to be an irritant to opposition defenders. They won’t relish playing against him, nor be able to relax. We may have some fun with our ‘Vinny’ over the years ahead.

imageJannsen bagging his first ever and Spurs 5th in the match

All our open play goals were ‘quite nice’ to say the least, and I don’t know which is my favourite. For different reasons they all had me jumping out of my seat. If pressed, maybe Lamela’s as it came a good time and made ‘the’ difference.

The first half was a good combative, competitive half from both teams, showed up our individual rustiness though with the ex Euro players returning to the pitch.  Lamela, looks as if he has moved up yet another level – woo hoo! The second half with Janssen as the spearhead and Harry behind was lovely to behold and showed what we lacked last season – if only, eh! Unfortunately by the time we went 4-1 up Inter had stopped being competitive and it was too easy for us in the end. A good run out, but let’s hope Everton are just as rusty.

image Erik doing his bit and making it 2-1

Must admit that after the shameful debacle at Newcastle and the England showing in the Euros, it was wonderful to see Spurs in full skilful flow. It has been all too easy to forget just what a lovely team of footballers we are privileged to watch.

My Man of the Match:-   Erik Lamela

Photos are screen shots from http://www.fullmatchesandshows.com on my iPad.



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