Questions to the Club

Back in September the THST asked for questions to be put to the Club for their Board to Board meeting in October. This was ‘postponed’ but the club have finally provided the answers.
The following extract is the Questions (with answers) I put forward. They don’t appear to have answered my question as to when the Paxton House/Square Construction would start.

Link to the full Q and A:-


Will the public realm of the new stadium have its final finish or just black tarmac finish?
The area to the south of the stadium will have a paved finish

Will there be a flying spider cam in the new stadium?
Yes – The stadium will have the infrastructure to support “spider cam” should the host broadcasters wish to use one.

Will there be a Halo Flooding System or an alternative of ultra HD live broadcasting?
LED floodlighting system will be installed and all AV facilities will be UHD compatible

Will there be one-off game hospitality packages available at NWHL?
Yes, where availability exists

Could the club provide update with photos from time to time of the Spurs Lodge construction and the Eco Educational facility at Whitewebbs Lane? Fans are interested in these as well.
Updates are issued as these progress – we shall look to do more as they take shape.

I also asked about the Spurs Ladies :-

Could the board brief the trust on its relationship with the ladies team and what its plans are for its ladies team
Promoted to WSL2 for this season – Club currently provides Spurs Ladies with direct and indirect support across the board on costs, marketing, ticketing, promotion, access to training facilities etc. Spurs Ladies continue to grow organically – crowds increased by huge numbers so far this season.



NFL View of Spurs Stadium Tie-up!


Saw this about the New Stadium and thought I would share

OCT 11, 2017


• NFL paying undisclosed amount towards building programme
• Stadium more customised for NFL than any other in the UK
• Partnership will help with cross promotion of brands


Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium is set to open in 2018 (Tottenham Hotspur)

Harry Kane described scoring Tottenham Hotspur’s last ever goal at White Hart Lane as fuelling a dream, and the England striker can now spend the summer fantasising about his NFL idol Tom Brady celebrating the first touchdown in the replacement stadium.

Kane has spoken openly of his admiration for Brady, and reportedly named one of his dogs after the New England Patriots quarterback.

He could soon be getting even closer to his hero as, from next year, the Walthamstow-born Spurs striker and his teammates will share their new 61,000-seater stadium with gridiron stars.

A deal struck with the football club will see at least two NFL fixtures played at the as-yet unnamed Spurs stadium in each of the next 10 years – and with a growing appetite for the American version of football this side of the Atlantic, the possibilities are far greater.


PICTURE: Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium in October 2016 (Getty Images)

At the moment, the plan is for existing NFL teams to play at the stadium on an ad-hoc basis, but could there eventually be a permanent franchise based in London?

“I wouldn’t rule anything out,” says NFL UK managing director Alistair Kirkwood.
“That is the beauty of what we’re doing. There’s nothing quite like it elsewhere in the world.”


It is clear that the NFL wants to focus some energy on the UK market, and indeed will schedule 16 games in London over the next four years as a deal with Wembley is fulfilled.

“We have committed to the English market and we’ll do more and more,” says Kirkwood.
“Contractually we’ve got two games per year at both Wembley and Spurs but that doesn’t mean we can’t play more games and do more things.”

The reason for the move from the national football stadium to an as-yet unfinished venue, is just that – the chance to have a say in its construction. The NFL is paying an undisclosed sum of money towards the building programme and has been able to shape the design.



We are a tenant so that [funding] is appropriate,” says Kirkwood. “The stadium will be much more customised for us than any existing stadium in the UK; that’s the benefits of us taking part in a new build.”

Such customisation is not tinkering around the edges – it starts with the pitch itself.
“There will be a retractable grass field on top of our surface – we haven’t worked out exactly what ours will be yet but it will be accessible within three to four hours,” says Kirkwood.

Both sports will have their own dedicated players’ entrances, and NFL locker rooms will be created in a different part of the arena to the football dressing rooms.

“This is quite important as we have 53 players in a team and, unlike football, many will be six’10” and 25 stone,” points out Kirkwood.

The differences are not trivial. When American football was played at rugby’s Twickenham Stadium, a bar had to be closed and converted to a locker room.


All this adds up to one major advantage for the NFL at Spurs – it can put on games quickly and smoothly without requiring days to set up and decommission. “What’s really great is you have the two most successful leagues in the world – the Premier League and the NFL – and the way the stadium is built, you have the Potential to get a game of football on the Saturday and ours on the Sunday,” Kirkwood adds.

Despite the prominence it enjoys, the NFL is packed into just a 17-week regular season.
“The schedule is really tight with tonnes of variables. Flexibility in terms of where and how we can play is a key factor,” says Kirkwood.

“Typically we have announced [London] games a year ahead and gone on sale at SuperBowl time. [At Spurs] We can be reasonably flexible on that. Probably that’s the most important factor.”
Playing games in Londoners a dual benefits to the NFL.

First it opens up the sport to a new audience, both in the stadium and on television, with the BBC screening three London fixtures last autumn.

Then there is the opportunity to screen an extra game back in the US, at a time unfeasible for play domestically.


Picture: Work continues on the new Tottenham stadium (Getty Images)

“The NFL continues to dominate US ratings, and our games made up 43 of the 50 most-watched TV programmes in 2016,” says Kirkwood. “When we have early kick o s over here, at say 2:30pm, that’s 9:30am in New York, 6:30am Los Angeles, and we’ll get 10m people watching.

“There is a novelty factor and it allows you to get in four games in a day, like Super Sunday over here.”

In the region of 2,000 fans y from the US to each London game, along with more than twice that number from mainland Europe. It therefore won’t just be Spurs’ qualification cation for the 2017-18 Uefa Champions League that will be drawing sports fans from other countries to the new stadium.

Of course there are benefits for Spurs as well – far and beyond the cash stumped up by the NFL towards the stadium project.

For a start. all those US and Europe-based NFL fans will return home having been exposed to the new stadium, as will a pool of gridiron fans in the UK who may not yet have allegiances in the Premier League. Then there are the millions watching the stadium on TV back home in the States.

“From a Spurs perspective, the whole thing starts when you remember the debate about going to the Olympic Stadium,” says Antony Marcou, chief executive of media and rights firm Sports Revolution.
“When that didn’t happen they needed an innovative way to expand. Staying in the borough was attractive for the fans but the club had to square that with the cost of a London real estate project that is hugely expensive.”

He said a ground share similar to those more common in Italian Serie A was not going to be appealing in the culture of the Premier League.

“This was the next best option, ending someone like the NFL with big pockets.
Marcou adds that the NFL can act much like an anchor tenant would in the retail world, its established presence helping to attract other big names.

“The NFL as a brand says so much about the stadium,” he says. “For it to move from Wembley, it cements the stadium as a venue for music and boxing and everything else. It is an endorsement.”
The commercial details of the deal struck between the NFL and the football club have been kept under wraps but Kirkwood says the tie-up is “good for both parties”.

“We own the single-day merchandise records at both Wembley and Twickenham,” he adds. “We have 21 UK NFL partners, about six or seven of which are our partners in the US as well.

“Ultimately, this is a cutting-edge stadium coming up with a different proposition than anything that’s been done before and there will be tremendous upsides for us and Spurs.”

Naming rights

Marcou thinks it unlikely that sponsors would want to partner both Spurs and the NFL due to the different audiences and markets but he believes there could well be some major deals struck by the stadium using the might of both sports.
“Naming rights is the obvious one, but also things like the beer deal, catering and so on – and revenues could be carved up accordingly,” he adds.

“Camera-facing assets will have so much greater value in the US so I don’t think it will stack up for UK firms to strike a deal on pitch-side hoardings for NFL games, but more likely are licensing deals where you have breakfast cereal for example having ticket promotions and American footballers on the pack.”
He adds that cross promotion of the two brands is a key opportunity, with both parties already active on this.

“They’ve been using social media, with NFL players in Spurs shirts and so on. North America has always been a strong spot for Spurs – they’ll look to build on that and you can only see it working,” Marcou says.

“The stadium will be broadcast on TV in the States and the venue will become a household name. When young Americans are choosing a soccer team, Spurs will be high on the list.”
Kirkwood admits the NFL has to be careful not to overdo the Spurs links for fear of putting o fans of rival Premier League clubs.

“I wouldn’t be saying to an Arsenal fan that they couldn’t come to NFL games,” he says. “Spurs fans will be met with open arms but I don’t want to get into the tribal stance of football. We are a sport offering a revolving number of teams, our stance is that you can be fans of the sport.”
Marcou warns Spurs to be wary too.

“If they want to grow their fan base in the US then continue the work on social media but be careful how visible it is in the UK,” he says. “There is a common criticism from football fans about the commercialisation of the game. Spurs has been a ‘real’ club over the years so they need to be careful.”
However, he is no doubt about the potential of the agreement.

“Spurs have done a really good bit of business with long-term potential,” he adds. “It says good things about the Spurs brand as it tries to close the gap with the biggest clubs in Europe. And it is good for the area. People will be coming to this corner of London who have never been there before.”
It could even eventually unlock the door to the biggest sport business prize on the planet.
“If they could ever get a SuperBowl down there, it would be the cream of the crop in terms of putting the stadium on the map,” says Marcou.


Kirkwood hails Spurs chairman Daniel Levy’s role in the deal.
Levy said back in 2015: “We have an opportunity to deliver one of the most unique sports, leisure and entertainment venues in the world, bringing together the EPL and NFL for the first time. The socio-economic benefits this will bring to the area will be immense and demonstrates our commitment to the regeneration of this priority borough in London.”

“Kudos to Daniel Levy for having the vision for the stadium and thinking outside the box in terms of partnering with us,” says Kirkwood. “It’s been a positive relationship. Daniel has been brilliant; very attentive and a great partner.” Kirkwood believes collaboration between sports will only increase.

“We now realise we are not competing against each other,” he says.

“No one has interest in just one sport; no-one doesn’t watch golf because they like tennis. We’ve realised we can all get better by working alongside each other. This is a good example of that.”

Chelsea Ramblings From My Armchair. (PL Wembley 20 Aug 17). Lose 1-2.

The Hoodoo Continues

Let’s get this right our defeat was not Wembley’s fault. We cannot blame Wembley for:

One. Dele’s foul for conceding that free kick.

Two. Alonso’s once-in-a-lifetime free-kick even he admitted that he can’t do in training.

Three. Hugo’s rushed throw out to a marked man.

Four. David Luiz being sharp enough to rob Wanyama off the ball.

Five. Hugo diving over the top of a ball at his near post.

This defeat was not Wembley’s fault. Yes Victor could have done better but Hugo’s poor decision making to throw out to Victor in the first place and his non near post save is at fault for their second goal. Hugo’s reaction confirms this. Nothing to do with Wembley. Got that?


Burnley did us no favours by thrashing Cheat$ki the previous week. The lion was injured, a hurt beast who had a week to lick his wounds and brood, and come out fighting as if in a corner. Conte did a number on us with his employment of the Cattenacho (sp?) defence from days of yore – well the sixties and seventies anyway. Four narrow at the back covering the six yard box line with three defensive midfielders in front of them. Don’t worry about crosses, just head them away and play on the break with nifty speedsters to cause havoc. They did all that brilliantly no doubt about that, but they didn’t cause us that much havoc to be honest. Their win was once again down to our mistakes and a worldy. Nothing new there then when we play Cheat$ki, Grrrrr!

Spurs started with three at the back and deployed Davies and Trippier as wingbacks. For whatever reason they were both reticent to get to the by-line and put in crosses from there or even just to stretch the defence. Not sure if it would have made much of a difference, as going by our mainly ineffectual corners, bar one, Cheat$ki would have just headed them clear anyway. Spurs did play well overall with numerous shots, hitting the post on one occasion, with Courtois once again the busier keeper. For all their stifling, their defence was breached a number of times. The ball however just wouldn’t go in for us.

Cheat$ki did play more open at the start of the game but Spurs absorbed the pressure and started to get on top. Not exactly against the run of play came that needless freekick to concede with the resultant worldly goal. This changed Cheat$ki’s tactics as they went deep into their Cattenacho and threw up an impenetrable defensive wall.

Spurs kept on chipping at the wall and knocking on the door. The forces of light and goodness finally got their just reward with an own goal via the head of Batshuayi in the 82nd minute, proving their wall to be penetrative after all. 1-1. The O.G. came about from one of those enticing balls from a freekick (Eriksen) that defenders hate. If Batshuayi hadn’t got his head to it, Toby was just behind him to score anyway. Yay! Que ecstatic elation across the nation if not Wembley and the world at large.

To arrive at the goal Poch changed tactics to four at the back with the substitution of Dier with Son on 68 min. Then back to a three in 80th when Sissoko replaced Davies. There has been speculation, with hindsight as a guiding hand, in that Wanyama should have been replaced instead of Dier – as he had been injured through pre-season and would have tired as the game went on. As it happened he did, but coach hindsight has never made a mistake you know!

Anyway, Cheat$ki opened up and put us under a bit of pressure, but nothing that we weren’t coping with. To Dare is to Do and all that, Spurs to their credit didn’t settle for the draw but went for the win. Hence Hugo’s ‘rushed’ throw to an unprepared Wanyama and the rest is painful history as they say.

Alas and a lack it wasn’t to be. Two heavyweights going for it with Spurs, the classier boxer falling to a sucker punch at the end. The hoodoo continues!

HotspurSam. 22 Aug 17. #COYS

For a full kick by kick, bells and whistles with teams and stats, you can do no better than read Paul Smith’s MATCH REPORT on his excellent Spurs Odyssey Site .

Anna @SpursXY  has produced her usual match review VLOG to watch on YouTube

If you wish to taste the match atmosphere @ChrisCowlin and his FANCAM is a good watch too.

The lovely Anna. Brains, beauty and a Yidette.

Juve Ramblings (ICC Wembley 5 Aug 17). Win 2-0

Hello, Anybody There?

There was a sparse crowd Of just over 26K at Wembley Stadium on the morning of Saturday, 5 August for the match against Juventus. So sparse that in The cavernous vaults of the stadium that the noise they created sounded as if they were singing in a bathroom. As I only get to see Spurs once or twice a season this would normally have been an ideal match for me to go and watch them especially as it was against Juventus and at Wembley. For me the prices charged by Relevent  Sports was at rip-off price level and nothing short of that, I’m not going to be fleeced by anyone.

Black, white, Asian faces, men women, boys and girls, old, young, baldies and beardies. Everything that is right about football and Spurs

I hope the thin crowd has given a bloody nose to those organisations who think they can take the British footballing public and the Spurs supporters in particular for granted and just charge as much as they want. At this time of year during the school holidays WHL would normally have been bursting to the rafters with families for such a game, with sensible pricing. But families were priced out and many would have missed the joy of attending with their son or daughter for the first time. Maybe they forgot about the cost of families to travel to Wembley and food etc on top. At first I thought the FA should clamp down on these profiteering spivs, then I realised Wembley is owned by the FA and they in truth have a FA attitude to the fans so what’s the point in complaining – those in power and the guardians of the game have closed ears when it comes to the fans.
As @JamesCHarris97 tweeted – ‘Friendlies used to be the only games my dad could afford to take me to. Pricing people out of them is so greedy and sad.’ .@JamesCHarris97

Our ‘Arry nodding down and in 1-0

Those who stayed away didn’t miss too much of an exciting game. Juve were a week or two behind Spurs in their preparations and it showed. Their passing and intricate movement compared to their displays leading up to last season in the champions league final was way off standard. Towards the end of the game with Spurs winning two nil and accompanied by a plethora of changes the game petered out to nothingness. Nevertheless Spurs put in a good display and performance against last year’s champions league finalists. They pressed high and didn’t give Juve time to settle, got the early goal and basically controlled the game thereafter although Juve had their periods of domination and chances too.

For all that it was obvious that Juve had some very good players that oozed class. Dybala was one player in particular that for me was a constant thorn to the Spurs defenders throughout his time on the pitch. Another more obvious player that stood out for me was Chiellini and his reputation, that went before him has been well earned. I am not so sure about Douglas Costa who always seem to flatter to deceive and has yet to live up to his reputation. I am sure there is a player there somewhere but when Cuadrado came on I thought he was a better player. Spurs were supposed to be after Costa at one stage but I think we may have dodged a bullet there. Bayern Munich don’t often let their better players go after all.

Juve have too many good players to list here but if you really want to see what the team lineup is then I suggest you read the match report by Paul Smith on his Spurs Odyssey site for a full kick by kick account and a bells and whistles report that is always an excellent read.  Match Report

Eriksen about to round Buffon and score 2-0
And scoring 2-0

One the downside for Spurs is the injury to Kieran Trippier in the third minute caused by a strong challenge from Sandro the Cheat$ki target. My first thoughts on seeing this on the television was of a broken ankle but after lengthy treatment he played on and he stayed on the pitch long enough to put in a lovely cross for Harry Kane’s goal – nice little Header there following a sweeping team play. Unfortunately in the 41st minute he had to be substituted by Kyle Walker Peters as another strong challenge put him out of the game. I am surprised that Spurs allowed him to carry on as the initial challenge in the third minute seemed a particularly nasty one to me. Young Kyle, who replaced him, went on to have another excellent game and impressed again. I think Trips is going to miss a few weeks out injured and these will be Spurs weeks as well…… be prepared!

A few comments on the Spurs players performances:-

Lloris – some excellent saves solid game all round.

Trippier – good whilst on the pitch great cross for Harry’s goal sad to see him go off.

Toby and Jan – both played up to their high standards as per usual with Jan making some good forays forward and Toby as solid as always.

Davies didn’t do too badly going forward however I can’t say the same in defence in the second half when Cuadrado came on, allowed him too much room and would often be chasing to cover not always making it successfully, so for this reason I thought Davies was probably our weakest player on the night. Hugo had to be sharp to stop Cuadrado because of this. Mind you if he is being told to play narrow and support the middle then perhaps I’m being a tad unfair.

Dier – Tidy if unspectacular.

Dembele – ran the midfield which is no mean feat against Juve. Needs to buy a pair of shooting boots otherwise he would have been a stronger contender as my Man of the Match.

Sissoko – this is probably the best I have seen him play in a Spurs shirt but I’m wondering if this is just a window dressing display for a move away. He was unlucky to hit the inside of the post only for the ball to bounce back out into play, It was an excellent shot. He was sharp, Powerful abd full of running throughout the game Until subbed.  Maybe it isn’t to late for Poch to get a new tune from an old fiddle after all!

Sissoko hitting the woodwork

Eriksen – my man of the match, another super performance took his goal superbly and was just a joy to watch.

Dele – another quiet game for him but he did put in a wonderful touch and through ball assist for Eriksen’s goal. Can’t keep him quiet for long.

Harry Kane – did okay, took his goal well with a lovely little downward header, hit the bar later on then contrived to miss a sitter of an open goal. After the game, Chiellini made a comment that Harry is a top European striker and Spurs would greatly miss him if he was ever to leave.

Harry hitting the bar!

Kyle Walker-Peters performed admirably with enthusiasm and a certain degree of skill when he came on, went forward a few times and put in a good cross on one occasion at least. Didn’t disgrace himself defensibly against Juve, so that bodes well for the future, very well done young man.young man.

Harry Winks – came on as Sub, another solid performance kept things ticking over.

Anthony Georgiou – took his opportunity well again when he came on, non-stop running and going forward showed a lot of skill came back and supported the defence when required. I think GKN has some competition to look forward to the season.

Overall a good performance by Spurs against a Juve team who were not really up to standard. However it was against last season’s champions league finalists, who don’t like to be beaten and don’t ‘do’ friendlies, so let’s not complain too much about that shall we!

Hugo in action – fingertip save

Next up is a few immediate after match jottings by Anna @SpursXY to add colour and class to this article. Be sure to visit her YouTube VLOG to listen and watch her match review. You won’t be disappointed.

Sam. #COYS

FT: Spurs 2 – 0 Juventus
What a great result, for so many reasons! First of all we won the match, against a very decent opposition, we took control of the game, and hardly let Juve create chances.
We kept a clean sheet, Hugo making some amazing saves, our defence looking solid. Trippier’s injury is concerning, hopefully he’s not out for long. If anything this highlights the fact that we need to sign a new RB even more… However, on the positive side Kyle Walker-Peters played well.
Sissoko put in a decent performance, now some are suggesting it’s ahead of his move away from the club. However if he stays, and puts in a similar performance week in week out, it could almost count as a new signing.
Harry’s goal was a lovely team goal, and the end of the move saw Trippier cross the ball in to the box and Kane nicely headed it in.
Eriksen was my man of the match for several reasons, he ran the game so well, I feel like it sometimes goes unnoticed how essential he is to our well-oiled-machine. Furthermore his goal was brilliant, well positioned to receive the pass, and then some cheeky play around Buffon to easily tap it into the open goal.
All in all a huge improvement on our performance against City, and more importantly this was at Wembley. I now have a lot more hope for the season ahead, but I’m not getting carried away just yet, still a lot of work to be done. Ideally we need a few signings, and we need to keep up this energy and focus especially against teams who know us better than Juventus.

The lovely Anna. Brains, beauty and a Yidette.



City Ramblings (ICC. Nashville Tennessee 29 Jul 17). Lost 3-0

A Bad Day at the Office

Well this isn’t going take very long at all, in fact I am still so very down about it. This was very much and nonperformance by Spurs who started the strongest team they possibly could on this tour. I just feel for the thousands of American supporters that turned up to watch this and Tennessee Spurs did us proud, as indeed did all the other supporters groups that were in attendance, in fact I understand that there were 64 supporters group from America represented at the match. Very well done you all.  The top header image is Ledders addressing the hoards of Spurs fans in the Wild Horse Saloon.

If you want a kick by kick all action report with bells and whistles then I suggest you go to Paul Smiths excellent Spurs Odyssey site for his match Report  It’s a painful but as always a good read.

Some of my pre-game fears were quickly realised and that is playing in a very open style against fast quick, passing, attacking teams in which we play a high line with a press for which our natural game is just not suitable. We had problems last season against such teams as Liverpool, City again and yes even West Ham too we found it far too difficult. God forgive me but I have to write that Mourinho knows that sometimes you have to change tactics in certain cases when it is suitable for your team to do so.  He parks the bus when necessary.

Kompany doing what comes naturally

Spurs started with what looked to be a weakish 4:3:3 system. Poch changed it at half-time to a back three and then eventually went to a regulation 4231 by the end of the game. None of it did any good at all as a city dominated in all areas of the pitch for all of the game. They were much too quick for us in every which way. When we managed to press them they just kicked the ball over the top of our high line for a quick runner to run onto And boy oh boy they were quick. When Spurs were pressed they tried to play their way out of defence under pressure often being caught with the ball or making bad passes that didn’t reach their man. Didn’t really hear much mention of Trippier and Davies on the TV commentary throughout the game whereas Walker was always involved in the match, of course Walker just had to be playing against us – he had a good game. Having said that Trips did three times make it to the halfway line and maybe just beyond but didn’t have anything free so he just kick the ball away more or less into space.  It was so far ahead of any Spurs player they didn’t even bother to chase.

After 10 minutes Spurs gave away a needless freekick in a dangerous area,   De Bruyne took the freekick which was deflected I think off the head of Davies and then onto John Stones, in space in the centre of the goal and he put it back into the back of the net. (1-0)

Vincent company I noticed basically just fouled his way through the game many a time just barging into Spurs players and grabbing them from behind. He had a go at Dele on a few occasions as did Otamendi and I think they tried to gang up and goad The young man.

Janssen came on in the 71st minute and towards the end of the game he produced a great piece of skill by flicking the ball over Otomendi’s head and also beating the goalkeeper Muric at the same time, unfortunately the ball just would not drop out of the sky quick enough and the goalie got back to paw the ball away – almost a worldy.

Janssen – almost a worldy but pawed away by Muric

How we kept it down to one nil at halftime I will never know it could already have been five or six by then. Eventually on a break from defence from a Nasri pass, Stirling broke clear and easily beat Vorm all ends up. Diaz made it three nil in injury time and in all honesty it could and probably should have been seven or eight and Spurs couldn’t have complained about that.  At one point it was like shooting practicec and I’m sure they had a competition to see who could hit the bar the most.  Five a side in the Spurs penalty box! One to forget and erase from the memory.

A bad day at the office all round

Sam  #COYS  4 Aug 17

You should also visit Anna and watch her match review Vlog on the match on YouTube Spurs{XY}


Roma Ramblings (ICC, Harrison, NJ, 25 Jul 17).


Hilario By Name……increasingly Hilarious by Error!

Yes indeed this was truly a game not just of two halves but of two penalties, curtesy of referee Hilario (Grajeda) who was the hilarious villain of the piece as the game went on. Oh what a circus…..oh what a Ref. Is it Coco, is it Trump, no it’s……Hilario!

This was Spurs second game in the International Champions Cup normally considered as a pre-season friendly, only Roma didn’t quite Interpret it that way. They put in a few tasty hostile challenges and Manolas, thought it was an acting audition for a re-run of the Death Wish films!

This time Spurs lined up with three at the back with Trippier and Walker-Peters (KWP) as wing backs in a 3:4:2:1 formation.. KWP on the left. Carter-Vickers (CCV) started again, this time as the right of the three and Onomah got another chance to shine behind Kane alongside Dele. None of the trio shined, ‘dulled’ more like.

Roma started off strong, fast and furious with Spurs struggling to cope Playing the ball into the spaces where the FBs would normally be, and getting in their crosses too. On one such occasion in the 12th min Perotti got in behind, tracked by CCV, crossed, no danger, only for the ball, from close range to strike Cameron’s trailing arm. No problem, play continued BUT WAIT! Hilarious Hilario ran towards the sideline. The fourth official intervenes, says Penalty, and the Ref changes his mind – penalty. Everyone is confused but the Roma fans loved it. Oh what a farce. 1. Ball to hand. 2. From close range 3. Jeers.
Perotti scored with a one step run-up beating Vorm all ends up. Boo 0-1! Spurs and us fans weren’t happy, and it took a while for the players to re-assert themselves -.which they did, but they just couldn’t get back in even terms by half time.

Colonial cousins enjoying the game (Winks had just Scored)

Five changes for Spurs for the second half including young Anthony Geogiou who came on wide left for CCV as Spurs reverted to a back four. The youngster impressed on his debut displaying fast feet, quickness, trickery, and was tenacious in the tackle. He didn’t do his cause any harm at all. Winks replaced Dier, and Davies that of KWP. There was now no space for Roma to run into as we had FBs in there now. As such, Spurs pushed for the equaliser or was it just Roma being all Italian and defending what they had. Nevertheless Spurs pushed on with Georgiou and Eriksen to the fore and Roma still looking dangerous at times.

Penalty Ref, come on!!!

Farce no 2 by the Hilarious Hilario who didn’t award a clear penalty for a slow clumsy tackle on our Harry by our old friend Fasio. Boos rang around the stadium, the Roma fans loved it. Poch didn’t and the TV commentators were a tad flabbergasted. I thought Hilario wasn’t very funny any more. Certainly not funny ‘Ha Ha’ more of a funny ‘Peculiar’ in a ‘You fecking bastard’ sort of a way. Did any of our Colonial Spurs Cousins notice an empty brown paper bag floating around anywhere Post home – just wondering?

Our Harry was riled and a few choice tackles were flying in from both sides. The fires were lit and the match became heated. During one break in play our Poch and his crew also got into the spirit of things having words with the Lino and the 4th official. He wasn’t taking this lying down, but he judiciously eventually sat down before being sent-off, as the 4th official wanted, so he avoided that ignominy.

Poch getting stuck in



This was now a cracking game in more ways than one, no side backing off and Spurs push, push, pushing hard to get back on terms. Manolas I think died three times in the space of ten to fifteen minutes. Some said he earned an Oscar. No he didn’t, when acting dead, dead men don’t go rolling around and around and around on the ground. That’s ham acting and surprisingly the Ref didn’t fall for any of it – no Oscar! Maybe Roma brought only the one brown paper bag with them – that’ll teach ’em!

Then on 70 mins Wimmer replaced Super Jan and Oakley-Booth came on for Dembele. As Spurs sorted themselves out Roma attacked with Strootman breaking free from a Toby misplaced pass, a cross and Wimmers first touch under pressure was an off balance weak clearance to Cengiz Under who didn’t miss 0-2 (70 min). Poor Wimmer, he didn’t even have time to take in a second breath of air, just the one gulp, Calamity! Under is the Turkish wonder kid Spurs were tracking and according to some reports had put in a bid for his services.
This didn’t deflate Spurs who kept on chugging away, but Roma weren’t under (sic!) necessity to extend themselves and defended patiently with robustness.

Poch altered things brining on N’Koudou (GKN) and Janssen for Dele and our ‘Arry. GKN played as a right winger getting chalk on his boots and Geogiou did the same on the left, and boy didn’t it make a difference – playing with wingers that is. Spurs were getting to the bye-line putting in (good) crosses stretching Roma and Manolas carried on dying every five minutes. Oakley-Booth was making a good fist of things again in among the mele, and Winks was driving the team forward, and Eriksen with probing passes and balls into space,



In one Spurs attack Eriksen passed neatly in the box, Janssen got a foot to it and the ball weakishly ran towards goal having beat the goalie and just about had the strength to rebound off the post and eventually Winks poked home from 2 feet. One back 1-2 Yay! (87 min) Too little too late, maybe.

Georges-Kevin took over. A faint, a run, a cross. No nothing. Second chance from similar area. A faint, a run, a faint, another run, a cross, and YESSSS, Vinny boy in at the near post with a deftly directed touch past the goalie. Breathe again Phew! 2-2. Nothing more than we deserved Yay! (90+1). Sammy boy is a happy bunny!



Sit back down, look-up at the telly. Wimmer sprawled on the penalty spot, and Tuminello slotting home. Oh no, 2-3! Buggeration, done in at the death (90+2). Grrrr!

I have watched a few replays and don’t really see what happened to Wimmer. He was ahead of the Italian running back and in control with Tuminello close behind. Then he was on the floor when all eyes were on Strootman (yes him again). I feel as if a little Italian game know how came into play with a wee ankle tap. But hey ho! I wonder what my friend Sean Hurl a Roma aficionado but even bigger Spurs fan thought of the match and the result.

The youngsters again played well, taking their chance to show Poch what they can do. GKN and Janssen didn’t do their causes any harm either. By contrast some of the established ‘stars’ were, behind the pace, never mind – only a pre-season friendly as they say, time to improve.

Joy at 2-2

David Kingsley an ex-pat New Yorker sent the following to the Spurs List – an excellent read for added colour that he has permitted me to re-produce here:-

I attended the game last night and was proud to be a Spur. A conservative estimate would be that over 75% of the crowd were Spurs fans and the New York Spurs were in great voice. Having been to the previous two games at the same arena (3 and 4 years ago?), the amount of Spurs shirts, scarves, hats, etc. had proliferated.

The stadium (Red Bull) is in the Portuguese part of Newark and I started off with some beers and food at a restaurant nearby before making my way to the stadium. Whoever designed the arena is a moron. Driving to the venue is a nightmare and leaving the ground in a car is even worse. I parked about a mile away and the subsequent walk was hazardous to say the least. First, you have to cross a dual carriageway, then you have to walk down the side of the busy road as there’s no pavement (sidewalk), and finally you cross a rickety bridge with parts of the pavement closed off. I think they had in mind what a European stadium is like when they built the thing. Yeah, in ancient times!

After taking your life in your own hands, you approach a stadium in the middle of a construction site. When I got to the ground there were absolutely no signs to where the individual gates were situated. It took me ages to track someone down only to be told my gate (D) was the other side of the ground. On entry, the stairs were steep and went on forever (no lifts or escalators). I hope the New WHL has better entry points and provide lifts and/or escalators for its older patrons.

On the concourse I spent enough for Mr. Levy to buy Messi and then went to my seat (in section 101). We had the Roma team warming up at our end and they tried to kill us with blistering shots that landed in the crowd. You would think a football couldn’t be used as a missile but you were wrong. The ball knocked one guy to the ground and another hit the guy behind me on his drinking hand. His beer landed all over my expensive new Spurs shirts as he (and the rest of the people around) laughed at my misfortune. Then the guy had the audacity to moan that it was an expensive beer he had just thrown over me!

New York Spurs were behind the goal that Hugo defended in the second half and we were in great voice (I hope you heard us on TV). Having not lived in the UK for over 35 years I’ve only heard songs from the TV, and some of the lyrics I just never understood. However, being amongst the raucous fans, I was able to learn a litany of new songs; though some of them were a bit bazaar (what was the Toby song all about? What’s a “nunion”?). All the adulation from the crowd made me remember something I read about football normalizing old men fawning young boys.

Looking at the players close-on, most looked fit and lean… except Dele. He seemed a pace behind everyone else and seemed a bit overweight. Too much California cuisine? Anyway, Spurs looked better when he was subbed.

Spurs didn’t play well and were lucky to be level near full-time. After we had equalized, you could see the concentration levels drop and what a Spursy surprise at the very end! However, the team showed great spirit coming back in the last few minutes, roared on by the partisan crowd. The referee was totally out of his depth. The crowd were baying for his blood and we couldn’t understand what the whole Pochettino debacle was all about. Let’s just say: Roma, Italian, New York, Mafia.

Although we lost, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening out. Let’s hope Spurs visit again soon.


For a full Bells and Whistles report with teams and kick by kick action you can’t do better than visit Paul Smith’s Spurs Odyssey site for the Match Report

You should also visit Anna and watch her Vlog on the match on YouTube at Spurs{XY}

Anna doing her stuff



PSG Ramblings (ICC Orlando 22 Jul 17


That’s right I didn’t have a clue what to expect from this ‘Friendly’ International Champions Cup match. Didn’t even know Spurs were an International Champion club. Must have passed me by. Maybe I’m Bobby Ewing and I’ve just come out of the shower! Seriously though, I don’t think anyone had an inkling as to what kind of team Poch would put out, how many youngsters he would play and the same with PSG. I did think Kyle Walker-Peters (KWP) would get a run out at some point at RB, and the same with Cameron Carter-Vickers (CCV) at CB. They did, but I didn’t expect them to play at the same time against such opposition even if a friendly. I thought Poch would have played them with some experience beside them, but he didn’t, sink or swim is the new mantra. I was fearful for them in an initial 4:2:3:1 formation against Cavani and Pastore.

My fear was justified as in the early stages PSG were so much brighter and faster than us, forcing Dier, as DM, back almost to the penalty box, where his rustiness was evident.  PSG had three good chances to be 3-0 up after 5 mins and when they did score (Cavani) after 6 mins I had visions of a cricket score embarrassment. The French team were making in-roads down our right and getting crosses in. Were they targeting the inexperienced KWP and CCV combo. Probably not, but it did cross my mind. Sure enough the goal came about as CCV was caught out up field, KWP was simply by passed a cross and a goal 1-0.  PSG didn’t let up, forward they came, we couldn’t get out of half most of the time. Harry didn’t get a kick, mainly because it was Janssen as the lone attacker – if he doesn’t even get the ball how can he be given the chance to miss, or even score.

However, we weren’t breached again as Spurs gradually made progress, nevertheless it was still a jaw dropping moment when out of nothing Eriksen unleashed a worldy from 35+yards beating Trapp all ends up. I jumped out of my comfy armchair yelled, and clapped. Wifey shouted down from the bedroom for me to ‘keep it down and stop being a big kid’. Wifey isn’t a footballista, she just doesn’t understand.

Trap beaten all ends up by Eriksen

GKN (can’t be arsed to spell out his full name) was involved in the build-up to the goal assisting the assist, I thought he played quite well when he had the ball.   He had  a good battle with Alves and others, giving no quarter – loved that. Final ball still a bit lacking but I thought he did quite well. Good job he went off at half time as Alves replacement is called Nkunku. That would have put NKoudou agin Nkunku – nightmare for the Premium TV commentators.  Try saying that quickly ten times.

Not long after the worldy we Scored a second (18 min) with Dier pressing and charging down Trapp. Some say a farce of a goal, and lucky or at best fortunate. I disagree. It is a recognised trait of a Pochettino team to press high and indeed it is practiced and trained. So I would say it was a well earned ‘team’ goal especially as the ball didn’t just rebound blindly into the net, but off the big lads outstretched foot and semi directed towards goal. Well done Eric 👏👏👏👏👏.

Eric closing down for his goal

Unfortunately PSG equalised from down our right hand side with KWP ball watching and not aware of Pastore behind him, who gathered up the ball and strode into our box with purpose and that purpose being to score – which he did.  KWP plainly has potential as he possesses plenty of skill especially going forward. He’s handy enough in defence but not yet physically ready to take on mature muscled men. His awareness needs working on but that is probably down to lack of experience at this level. How he achieves that I don’t know. I’m not a multi-million pound a year coach with that sort of knowledge. We have those at the club.   Against many opinions I believe similar is true of Josh Onomah, for all his skills he’s just not doing it for me. Playing centrally behind Janssen I am struggling to recall many, if any, good balls from him to our lone  forward.

Writing of Janssen, I was again slightly disappointed with his display, but then again how often did he receive a good ball. How often did KWP get to the bye line and put in a decent cross for him? Same for GKN on the other side who did get in a few inaccurate crosses, that even Ronaldo wouldn’t score from. Oh how he would have liked to have had Trippier and Dele behind to feed him. But alas he didn’t have that luxury and failed to make his own luck.   Was Harry that much better in general play in the second half agin 10 men and better quality players around him?  I bet our Vinney would have loved that penalty chance Harry scored from.

End of Game celebrations by our Colonial Cousins

Anyway 2-2 at half time and lots of changes galore – too many for the TV to keep up with and I missed a few watching too. Two were Toby and our own Harry and within a minute of the restart Toby put in one of his trade mark long passes which Harry raced onto. Trapp did a Hugo impression and rushed out to meet the ball. Unfortunately for him he rushed out of his area too and handled the ball, playing pat-a-cake with it and off he went and down to 10 men went PSG with 44 mins to play.

I normally despair at this as another Spurs trait is for them to ease off, relax a little and not make use of the extra man….and lose – in this case they didn’t. They didn’t go hell for leather either but played some nice controlled footy and the chances started to come slowly but surely. PSG are a good quality team and so of course they had their moments mostly on the break. After Winks replaced Dembele on the hour mark and Spurs switched to a 4:3:3 formation PSG had a little 10 min spell, but mainly Spurs were on top. Eriksen almost scored a second Worldy but it just skipped past the post with the goalie beaten.

Another youngster who caught my eye was Tashan Oakley-Booth (TOB, not Toby!) who played on the right and for I believe a 17yo, played very well in such company. Certainly didn’t let himself down. Well done young man.

Wait for it! On 81st minute Winks and Wanyama combined to feed Toby (not TOB!) who advanced in the right channel and unleashed an unerringly accurate thunder bolt of a shot across goal from nigh on 30yds into the back of the net. Yay! 2-3 Spurs. Another (stifled) yell and standing clap from me to the telly. Ears strained, nothing from up-stairs,  just the sweet sound of wifey snoring – got away with it.


Toby’s lovely goal  2-3

As is Spurs Wont, a little relax and PSG nearly in from the re-start. But nearly isn’t good enough. Our Harry made it 2-4 in the 88th minute with a penalty given for handball.  I have seen the incident a number of times and not yet convinced it was worthy of a penalty award,  Harry took it well. I’m sure Janssen would have too as he is good at Pens as we know, but is his luck still out?

The HurriKane scores 2-4

PSG have quality all over the pitch and when they attacked they were very good but they did leave the back door open at times. Rabiot I liked a lot. They made sure this was no ‘friendly’ but a competitive game. Their own fault they went down to 10 men and Spurs took the rightful advantage. First pre-season game so players are rusty and from the seniors I can say that about Dier, Dele, and yes Kane too. The youngsters and other fringe players went for it as they were out to impress. KWP and Onomah in my opinion aren’t ready for the PL yet. Maybe Josh needs to go on loan to a League 1 or Championship side until Christmas at least. We have a baller in TOB so it will be good to keep tabs on his progress. GKN showed enough glimpses that he warrants another season under Poch – impact Sub maybe. He proved in his battle with Alves that he is no physical chicken, he just has to curtail his headless impression of one when he gets into or around the box.

A thoroughly enjoyable game to watch, and I’m glad I stayed up to the early hours to watch it.

#COYS. Sam

For a full bells and whistles report with team line-ups and kick by kick action you should visit Paul Smiths Spurs Odyssey site at this link:-  Match Report

For a match VLOG you can’t do better than visit the delightful Anna on YouTube at this link:-  @SpursXY VLOG

Chris Cowlin’s Fan Cam is here too:- Fan Cam

Here’s Anna



NDP – Heritage/Public Realm Grant Decicion Made & Approved

Haringey Council have approved entering into a Grant arrangement with THFC for the £7.5m of funding for their contribution towards the heritage and public realm part of the NDP – for draw down in 2017/18.   £500K has previously been allocated making their contribution a total of £8m.   The total sum involved is £27m, from which the London Mayor is dedicating £18m from His budget ( Thank you Boris – 2012).

Hopefully this is another box ticked towards Daniel Levy making a positive decision to moving to Wembley for next season.

The minutes and decision making is HERE


PRESENT:  Councillor Alan Strickland, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Housing & Planning

Also present: Councillor Clive Carter, Highgate Ward.

see link for items 1-3


The Director of Regeneration introduced the report as set out.

In response to a query around the extent of Section 106 funding that Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (THFC) had contributed, the Cabinet Member clarified that the decision being sought was to enter into grant agreements to deliver heritage and public realm improvements and that the level of Section 106 funding was agreed as part of the planning permission process for the new football stadium.

In response to another question around the extent to which THFC were benefitting from significant sums of public money, the Cabinet Member acknowledged that the original Funding and Investment Package for North Tottenham agreed in 2012 was made up of public funding, and that the majority of the funding came through the GLA. The Cabinet Member reiterated that the proposed heritage and public realm improvements supported the Council’s regeneration ambitions in North Tottenham and would ensure the continued preservation of the heritage assets in the area. TheCabinet Member outlined that the funding relevant to this decision was £7.5m for heritage and public realm funding within the 2017/18 financial year.


I. To grant approval to enter into a grant agreement with THFC to provide £2.5m for heritage improvements in the vicinity of the NDP scheme and provides delegated authority:

to the Director of Regeneration to agree the Heads of Terms (which shall include the key requirements set out in paragraphs 6.16 – 6.21 of the report) under which the Grant Agreement will be made; and  to the Director of Regeneration, after consultation with the Assistant Director of Corporate Governance, the Chief Operating Officer and the Strategic Director of Regeneration, Planning and Development, to agree the final grant agreement. II. To grant approval to enter into a grant agreement with THFC to provide £5m for public realm improvements and provides delegated authority:  to the Director of Regeneration to agree the Heads of Terms (which shall include the key requirements set out in paragraphs 6.11 – 6.15 of the report) under which the Grant Agreement will be made; and  to the Director of Regeneration, after consultation with the Assistant Director of Corporate Governance, the Chief Operating Officer and the Strategic Director of Regeneration, Planning and Development, to agree the final grant agreement. III. To note that the grant agreements will be developed in line with the headline conditions outlined in section six of the report for the £2.5m heritage improvement funding and the headline costings in appendix 2 of the report for the £5m public realm improvement funding. IV. To note that the council has received leading Counsel’s advice to ensure that these funding contributions meet all relevant State Aid requirements. Further information is set out in the Legal Comments at section eight of the report. Reasons for decision

One of Tottenham’s most important economic and cultural assets is Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Securing firm plans for the delivery of the new stadium and associated mixed use development was the first step in establishing a comprehensive regeneration programme for North Tottenham and the £27m funding package approved by Cabinet in 2012 supports this ambition.

The February 2012 Cabinet report recognised the catalytic role the NDP scheme would have on regeneration in general in north Tottenham and, subsequently, the investment either delivered (phase one completed in 2013 and provides significant retail and commercial space, alongside an education campus) or committed, has been a key enabler in the development of the adjacent transformational, multi-billion pound High Road West and Northumberland Park regeneration schemes.

Given the previous commitment provided by the February 2012 Cabinet decision, the club’s funding model for the stadium has always assumed public sector funding contributing to heritage and public realm improvements. Given this decision and given the progress made with the NDP scheme, to not agree to release the £7.5m funding would not display good faith on behalf of the Council and could also have a potentially destabilising impact on THFC’s funding position for the remaining phases of the NDP scheme. Alternative options considered An alternative option would be for the council to take on the delivery of the improvement projects itself, rather than THFC being the delivery agents. However, the identified improvements, namely the public realm ‘podium’ and the heritage improvements associated with the ‘Northern Terrace’, are THFC owned and managed. More importantly, the podium and the Northern Terrace are components within the delivery of a many hundreds of millions of pounds, complex development scheme. THFC will be delivering the podium and Northern Terrace works as part of their overall delivery programme for the NDP scheme. There would be little logic in another party seeking to manage the delivery of these works separate from the overall NDP scheme delivery. The 2012 Cabinet paper anticipated the release of funding between 2012 and 2014 (£3m funding for heritage improvement) and 2015/16 (£5m funding for community event and public space). However these timescales were not realised due to THFC’s revised planning application, which was not expected at the time the 2012 Cabinet report was agreed. Following discussion with THFC, and on the basis that development in line with the 2016 planning permission is demonstrably underway, it would be appropriate to ensure there are no further delays. It is therefore recommended that the funding to support the improvement projects associated with the redevelopment of the football stadium should be drawn down in 2017/18.




NDP – Public Grant / Subsidy

On 29th March a Hilary Adams submitted a Freedom of Information request to Haringey Council asking for details of all Council paid to Spurs since 2012 to date. (edit:- 2012 being the date planning permission was granted for the NDP/Stadium)

The Council gave their detailed reply on 3 April as follows. Full correspondence at this link:-

Dear Ms Adams,

Re: Freedom of Information Act Request ref: LBH/6147717

Thank you for your request for information received on 29 March 2017, in

which you asked for the following information:

A breakdown of public subsidy to Tottenham Hotspur.

My response is as follows:

In February 2012, Cabinet approved a £27m Funding and Investment Package

for North Tottenham. The funding comprised of £18m of funding from the
Greater London Authority (GLA) and £9m funding from the council. This
included a decision to allocate £8m of funding for ‘public realm and
heritage improvements’ linked to the Northumberland Development Project
(the new stadium and associated development currently underway by
Tottenham Hotspur) scheme.

Via a Cabinet Member Decision to be taken in April 2017, we will be

seeking approval to enter into formal grant agreements with THFC to
contribute £7.5m (£500,000 of the £8m funding has previously been used to
contribute to the North Tottenham Heritage Initiative) for the public
realm and heritage improvement works Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
(THFC) will be undertaking as part of the NDP scheme.

Since February 2012, the Council has also undertaken the following funding

transactions with THFC:

§ £32,898 to THFC for services such as room hire

§ £644,215 to the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation (THFC’s charitable
foundation) for the delivery of programmes relating to health, social
care, community development, education and employment

§ £4,000 to Tottenham Hotspur Ladies Football Club for sports and
activity programmes

You can access a copy of the original 2012 Cabinet report in the Cabinet
meeting pack here:
The report specific to the funding package for Tottenham Hotspur can be
found on page 143 of the document (page 149 of the pdf).


I picked up on the point that a Council decision to formally approve the Public Grant towards Heritage and Public Realm towards the NDP, I checked the Haringey Council site and discovered there was a meeting scheduled for today ( 12 Apr 17) at 10am. The total Haringey Grant is circa £8m, of which £500k has already been spent/committed. So this approval is for the remaining £7.5m that Spurs can draw down on. £2.5m is allocated to heritage projects on or near the NDP, and the remaining £5m allocated towards public realm improvements.

See planning application here:-

The main 108 page report and detailed items the Council Grant is towards is here :-

There is no equivalent meeting scheduled for April for the Mayors £19m grant as agreed with and by Boris.

Construction in progress on 8 Aptil 17


Stadium – Happy Pig Farmers

Pig Farmers courted by Levy as he leaves no swill unturned to make the stadium a success and viable.  Intrigued, then read on MacDuff and be enlightened.:-

Stevieed posted this on Skyscraper City and has kindly let me publish on here:-

Apologies for the delay in posting, but I’ve had a crazy few days. By way of background, I had a behind the scenes tour at White Hart Lane and the new stadium this week. I also have a contact which I cannot divulge who has given me reassurances over the build/project/times. I have tried to make very clear below where I have extrapolated ideas from what I’ve been told and what is exact fact! Also, some information here will duplicate what has been written elsewhere on this thread, but I thought I would consolidate regardless. I will post photos as soon as I can (although they’re not great, so don’t hold out much hope…)

When are we moving out of White Hart Lane and general build matters
The club are already starting to strip out White Hart Lane and will remove all non-essential materials/items prior to the United game
The demolition is currently timetabled for 48 hours after the United game ends (Ed: to begin, not end also the waste management people have been told to remove their bins within 12 hours of the finish of the the United game as the space is required for demolition vehicles)
Expect to see demolition equipment parked at the holding area from just before the United game (this should be our biggest indication as to whether was I was told is correct)
There is internal debate as to whether they can remove the seats individually to sell to season ticket holders, this is currently considered unlikely as although the club would love to do this it will delay the demolition
There are currently 700 people working on the site during the week and 300 at weekends
The build is on schedule, this was confirmed by three separate sources who work in both the office and the build site, including two persons who were at a high level management meeting recently which confirmed the build is on schedule
I think this has been rebutted already, but there is no way that Levy will open the stadium partially complete. This is his baby and he wants a grand opening, there is absolutely no way he’ll allow a single screw to not be fully screwed down, let alone a quarter of the stadium still not complete
There were concerns about the financing of the stadium, but more so in respect to the cost and not regarding whether we could source financing or not. These have now been resolved (refer The Times article)

A recent internal view on the North stand

Interestingly no one would divulge any information regarding the build of the roof, not sure if they didn’t know anything about it (unlikely) or maybe I’d asked too many questions by that point…
The player accommodation block at the training ground (do not call it a hotel!!!) is part of the NFL tie up and we will offer it to visiting teams, particularly European teams
Each screen is the size of a tennis court and will be high definition

Stadium trivia
The longest bar in a European sports venue (80m) will be in the South Stand atrium; unsure of how this would work properly (I forgot to ask), but assume it bends round into the GA areas of East and West stands
The brewery will be located in the South stand and the plan is not only to brew a specific craft beer (unfortunately there is already a Hopspur!!) but they will also brew the stadium beer partners beer; i.e. if Heineken are the official beer supplier then Heineken will be brewed on site and under license
They are doing some very cool things with local suppliers, such as the left over produce from the brewing is going to a local farm, to be used as pig food, who will then supply us with meat (largely pigs)

Hotspur Spectator wishes younger readers to know that Peppa and her family are not in any danger


The Skywalk looks amazing! The current plan is that you will be harnessed in, much like the O2 dome walk. You can walk over the South Stand roof and look down at the pitch through the clear parts of the roof. There are also plans for you to then abseil down the South stand into the public square
There are currently investigating whether to install a Spider Cam or not, however this is likely to be only for NFL games and will be removed for football games
The on-site bakery will only supply baked goods for the corporate areas, other food will be brought in
The grass pitch can be stored for up to 5 days as it will be fully serviced with water, air ventilation and grow lights. They’ve done this so that they can host concerts over the weekends
They are expecting up to 15 non-football events per year; no-one I spoke to knew whether this was non “soccer” or non-football including NFL (Ed: Permission is granted for up to 16 non THFC related events per year of over 10k captivity, no more than 6 of which can be music concerts)
The naming partner is not yet known at any level in the club, so all rumours of who it will be are purely conjecture at this point
The main TV gantry is in the East stand, at the front of the upper tier, with a further TV gantry in the West stand alongside the commentary boxes. Naturally there will be further camera spots around the stadium and this was a key consideration given the NFL involvement
There’s a mock up of the GA toilets which I haven’t seen, although a friend has, and his comment was “nicest toilets I’ve ever seen in a sporting venue”. There is also a mock up of a food outlet which looks very stylish (think I photo has been circulated on here previously)
The shop will feature a scanning system via an app on your phone, whereby you scan the items as you walk around the store and automatically pay as you exit; a similar idea to the Waitrose system
Anyone can access the home atrium in the South stand with a home ticket
There is a shortlist of hotel partners for the 4/5* hotel, most likely a large US brand such as Hilton or Marriott
Family section has not been locked down, but is likely to be in the north stand upper, although there are concerns of locating families close to the away fans
The hard hat tour area which will be opened up shortly is just a viewing platform in the north stand 4th floor, the views are great but you can’t really see into the internals of the stadium

The H Club
Will attempt to obtain Michelin star for the food
Partnering with Roux family
£15k joining fee and £15k annual cost; tickets must be purchased in pairs and as for all corporate tickets a minimum period of 3 years must be signed up for and tickets must be purchased in pairs
Somelier and cheese waiter will be on hand to assist
Other celebrity chefs will be brought in to cook for guests, they are really trying to make this the premium lounge offering at any sporting stadium in Europe
There are 3 dining options; informal, fine dining and chefs table

The Tunnel Club
Club did not expect such high demand, 90% of the 104 tickets have already been sold
£15k joining fee and £9.5k per season
Seats will be the same as what the players/manager sit in, will be heated recaros with USB jacks
This has been contentious with the players as they really do not want to be watched in the tunnel…

The Sky Lounge
Exactly mirrored West and East stands, although you may not transfer between the stands
You will not be able to stay in the lounge during the match and electronic blinds will cover the windows during each half to ensure that we comply with FA regulations
The roof of the Sky Lounge is the roof of the stadium and looks amazing
260 people will be in each lounge
Tapas style food will be offered


Premium Seats
Marketed as a Club Wembley and Arsenal Club level style package, but more premium
Concourses look great and they’re trying to break them up into individual seating areas, bar areas and eating areas
Huge range of food will be available for purchase, from a free finger food buffet up to fine dining options
Get a free drink at half time, much like Arsenal Club seats
Not enough seating for everyone in here
Consists of approximately 6,000 out of the 8,000 hospitality seats in the stadium

General hospitality
Although the tickets are selling well the sales people have been under a lot of pressure given that this is a key financing area of the build; I think there were c. 2.5k corporate seats at WHL, so to increase that to 8k is a huge undertaking
DL wants the entire stadium to be of a corporate hospitality level, the fit and finish will be exceptional throughout
You may arrive up to 3 hours before the game and leave up to 2 hours post game
The club are trying to get all visitors to arrive at the ground significantly prior to kick off, this is to both boost stadium income and remove the stain on public transport. Expect various activities etc throughout the GA areas
There will be a VIP shuttle bus from Alexandra Palace and Tottenham Hale bus stations for corporate hospitality ticket holders; these buses may use the bus lanes. There may also be an option of parking at the training ground and getting a bus in, although I highly doubt this is practical
You may get priority seat allocation for certain non-football events, but this depends on the partners specific to each event

My general thoughts
Spurs have gone all out with this stadium, the attention to detail is mind boggling and they’ve really tried to build the best stadium in Europe
It will be imposing on the inside, when looking back from the touch line the stands really tower over you
I really like that they’ve put the fan experience first, be it with the south stand atrium, the free wifi they are putting in or the generous seat space
I really do not like the join between the South stand and the East/West stands, it really looks bolted on and ugly; hopefully in real life they can make this look a bit prettier
The club have taken the offerings at other stadiums, including Arsenals, and blown them out of the water; even the basic hospitality offering is of great quality
I cannot wait for this stadium to open in 2018 (!), it will be world class; the pride, passion and excitement from the teams involved in the build is incredible – they really are building something special
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